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Design Your Emplifi Link Page

After you define the content and the links in the Links section, head to the Appearance tab to define and manage additional elements for your link in bio page (microsite).

  • profile picture

  • page bio

  • page description

  • links to your social media profiles

  • color and design options

    • text styles (font type, size, color)

    • buttons (corner radius, font type, size, color)

You can adjust both the header and the body of your page.

To propagate the changes to the page, click Publish changes.

Clicking Publish changes will also propagate all new buttons and grids that are not in the Draft state.

Header editor

Change the header image, bio, and choose which social profiles you want to connect.

Body editor

Design your Emplifi Link page by customizing the look and feel of the page and its individual elements.

The editor offers a wide range of options so you can tweak your page’s appearance to match your company or campaign design language.

Fine tune your colors

The color picker tool which is available for page’s body background, text elements, and buttons.

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