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Integrate Link in Bio into Your Publisher Workflows

While you can control your link in bio content directly from the Emplifi Link module, you can also use Publisher to schedule posts, updates, and new content.

  • Create link in bio drafts and then use Publisher to schedule when they appear on your microsite.

  • Synchronize and schedule your social media posts and the link in bio microsite content.


To control publishing of your link in bio content, ensure that you have the following:

  • Emplifi Link in Bio module enabled (Smart or Integrate package)

  • Correct permissions for the Emplifi Link in Bio module (granted with an extended functionality in the Publisher’s editor).

Schedule a button

After you set up your link in bio microsite, you can integrate it with you Publisher’s scheduling and workflow.

When scheduling a button, you have two options:

  • use a draft button that you created in the Emplifi Link module

  • create a new button in Publisher

In Publisher, you can only create a plain text button without a thumbnail. To create a button with a thumbnail, use the Emplifi Link module. See Configure Your Link in Bio Page.

Scheduling a button in Publisher is tied to posting content.

In this scenario, you will schedule a button that you previously created in the Link in Bio module.

This means that you have a draft button in your Emplifi Link module that looks something like this:


  1. In Publisher, click Create post.
    The Select profiles menu panel slides out.

  2. Find and select the profile with your link in bio microsite, then click Use selected profiles.
    The New content page opens.

  3. Click Add button.
    In the Link in Bio’s list of pages that appears, find and click the page that you want to use.

  4. Select a draft or create a new button.

    • In the list of draft buttons that appears, select the one that you want to schedule.

    • Click Create new button.

      The button is added to you Link in Bio section on the New content page.

    • If there are no drafts, click Create new button link.

  5. Enter the Title of the new button and specify the URL.

  6. In the Post content section, upload the content that you want to associate with the button (photo, video, link).

  7. (optional) Select a social grid, if you added one.

    For more information, see Configure Your Link in Bio Page.

  8. To schedule the post, click the schedule icon or Now.

  9. In the scheduling panel that slides out, select the date and time, then click Schedule.
    (info) Instead of scheduling, you can simply click Publish to push the content to your profile and microsite immediately, or save it as a draft.

  10. Back in the New content page, click Schedule.

Your post will appear in the Publisher’s Calendar and the button’s status in the Emplifi Link module changes to Scheduled.

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