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Filters and Aggregation in Unified Analytics Boards

Filter and aggregate data in your Unified Analytics boards for a more focused analysis in your social profiles or listening efforts.

For example, you can

  • analyze all collected mentions from a specific platform and analyze all positive sentiment in Listening

  • aggregate any of the above by week over the last three months.

  • save your filter configuration as a view (see Create Saved Views Templates).

Time aggregation and filters are available in the controls bar and work in Overview, Profile vs. Profile, and Multicomparison modes (if available).

Aggregation and FIlters.png

You can review the selected filters under the controls and turn filters off as needed, reset filters, or save the entire setup (see Create Saved Views Templates.

Filters Displayed.png


Filters are available on selected social profile boards.

  • Filtering options depend on the board, profiles, and social network that you selected.

  • Filters can be applied at the post level widgets only. As a result:

    • if the board contains only the profile level widgets, then filtering is not available

    • if the board contains both post and profile level widgets, filtering is applied to post level widgets only.

Social profiles filters

You can filter your listening queries by, for example:

  • content labels

  • sentiment

  • platforms

  • content type

  • media type

  • origin of content

  • content quality

  • content visibility (published/unpublished posts, listed/unlisted videos)

Social profiles filters.png

Listening filters

Click Filter to narrow down your queries and click Close to display a refined analysis on the board.

You can filter your listening queries by, for example:

  • keywords and hashtags

  • content labels

  • platform

  • sentiment

  • language

  • country

  • interest

  • content type

  • media type

Listening UA filters details.png


Choose to display the selected data aggregated by:

  • day

  • week

  • month

  • quarter

  • year


Further available actions

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