Before you start using Emplifi Care to open cases in Salesforce, we recommend that you map the fields between the two environments to help your agents work faster.

To map Emplifi and Salesforce fields, you must have an Administrator role in Emplifi.

When you map Emplifi and Salesforce fields, you map them for all users in your account.

Essential concepts

Record types

The record type is the way the fields are organized in Salesforce.

Emplifi’s Community allows you to map and display a selection of Salesforce record types. This enables you to create Salesforce cases directly from the Emplifi’s Community module.

Field types 

Dynamic data

Dynamic data is automatically exported from a Community inbox message that you turn into a Salesforce case (for example, time, author of the message, etc.). The data is mapped to the corresponding fields in the Salesforce.

Variable data 

Variable data is automatically exported from a Community inbox message that you turn into a Salesforce case. However, the variable data values are predefined and you edit which value will be mapped to your Salesforce fields. For example, you can take sentiment values (positive, negative, and neutral) from the Community inbox and translate them to words of your choosing.

  • Emplifi Community-Salesforce integration only supports a one-off creation of a case. After you use Emplifi to create a Salesforce case and then update the case in Salesforce, the changes will not be synced back to Emplifi.

  • Due to Salesforce limitations, you cannot customize which fields will be displayed in the form. All fields are displayed. In Salesforce, you configure which fields appear in the form via Record types.


Before you can start mapping Community and Salesforce fields, ensure that you:

  • enabled Salesforce integration for your Emplifi organization.

  • connected your Emplifi account with your Salesforce account.

For details, see Integrate Community and Salesforce.

Map your Community and Salesforce fields

To map the fields, follow these steps:

  1. Click Settings.

  2. Click Integrations & API, then click Salesforce.
    The list of connected accounts displays.

  3. Select the account that you want to map.

  4. Click Map with Community.
    The list of the record types that are available in your Salesforce account appears.

  5. Click the record type that you want to map.
    The mapping editor appears.

  6. Map your Emplifi and Salesforce field.

    (warning) Your options are determined by two factors:

    • Your Emplifi and Salesforce respective setups.

    • Your Salesforce permissions to see individual fields.

  7. When you finish mapping, click Save.

To test the mapping, you can simply create a trial Salesforce case in the Community module. For details, see Create a Salesforce Case from the Community Inbox.