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What is a widget?

A widget refers to a gallery display. All of the Emplifi UGC widgets are iFrames with javascript. 
These displays can be created and managed within the Publish Center

What kind of widgets does UGC have?

To learn more about the different widgets that UGC has to offer, see Display Layout.

Where can I display my UGC widget?

Widgets can be displayed in countless places, most commonly:

  • Homepage Galleries

  • Social Galleries

  • Emails

  • Shoppable Instagrams

  • Product Description Pages (PDPs)

  • Category Description Pages (CDPs)

  • Landing Pages

  • Live Displays

You won't be able to publish the default "HOME" album or any album that doesn't have any approved content in it.

If I edit albums or settings, do I need to repaste the widget's embed code?

No, you do not need to repaste the widget's embed code when edits are made to your album or display settings. The widget is dynamic, so anytime content within the corresponding album is approved, deleted, etc, displays will be automatically updated.

If you make changes to the design, customization, or copy for any widget, excluding those on emails, those changes will be automatically updated.

For email widget displays, you will need to paste the embed code again.

Does the UGC widget need to be manually sized to fit our site?

No, they do not need to be manually sized. UGC widgets are “smart,” in that they respect containers for your websites and will attempt to fill the space accordingly.

In what order does content appear on a live widget?

Go to Sort Order to learn about the different ways to sort the order by which your content is displayed.

Custom Fixed Order: If you’d like to customize a fixed sort order for a widget, you can do so directly from the album. Open the album you’d like to sort and toggle the “Custom Ordering Mode” button. You’ll then be able to drag and drop content to customize a fixed order.


If you add a custom sort to content that will take priority, and then we'll display favorited content.  Favorited content in an album will appear first in the sort order, regardless of which sort order you select. You can favorite photos within any album by clicking the star in the bottom right corner of that photo.

Can I customize my widget?

UGC allows you to customize your widget directly from your UGC dashboard through a WYSIWYG Widget Customization Tool within your theme's design editor. In addition to the built in customization tool, you can also apply custom CSS to your widget or utilize UGC’s professional design services.

Go to Design Editor Guide to learn more. You can also contact us to inquire about professional design services.

Can I display multiple widgets on one website?

You can add multiple widgets to a single site, but we recommend using no more than three widgets on a single page.

Go to our developer documentation to learn more about adding multiple widgets to your site.

Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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