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Display Layout

Emplifi UGC has three types of layouts, each having their own standard display layouts. These types of layouts work better in some use-cases than others. Here are the options you can choose from:

  • Full Page Gallery - best used for Shoppable Instagram, Inspiration Galleries, and Contests:

    • Photowall 

    • Mosaic

  • Carousel - best used for homepages, PDPs, and pages with limited spaces:

    • Photowall (2 or 3 Rows)

    • Mosaic (2 or 3 Rows)

    • Horizontal

    • Coverflow

    • Vertical

  • Slideshow - best used to homepages, PDPs, and pages with limited spaces:

    • Slideshow


Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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