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Tags Use Cases and Best Practices

Tags can be used to organize content, identify categories, and themes. This feature will give a more personalize experience when matched to your customer profile. Go to Tag Album Basics to learn more.

Use Cases

  • Launch an interactive social hub to include your top tags or promote a seasonal item/campaign.

  • Publish individual tag albums onto your category pages to showcase different looks.

  • Create separate landing pages from your tag albums to ensure that members of the marketing team (ex. email, brand, etc) have easy access to content.

Best Practices

  • Leverage filters in your album to refine your content so you can tag in batches.

  • Assign products to tags through a tag product tree, so content with assigned products is automatically categorized to the tags.

  • Add structure tags so they match the top categories within your business:

    • Fashion brands can create tags for women, men, and children.

    • Travel brands can create tags for activities, rooms, family fun, etc.

    • Craft brands can create tags on inspiration on how to utilize and display them.

Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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