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Review a Case Activity Log in Care

Activity log in Care provides a history of events within a particular conversation.

You may need to review the case’s activity log when, for example,

  • you are taking over a case from another agent

  • you are returning to a case after a longer period of time

Your goal is to avoid asking your customer the same questions and/or bothering previously assigned agents.

What is in an activity log

Activity log lists activities related to the case or a customer that impacted the resolution process.

Activities are sorted by time and are displayed along with the customer and agent messages within the main conversation.

Type of activities

An activity log displays the following events:

  • case escalation

  • assignee update (assigned/unassigned)

  • case status update

  • case field update

  • customer note update

  • customer field update

Display and hide the activity log

Care logs events from every case automatically but it does not display it by default.

To display the activity log:

  1. Click Inbox.

  2. Click Care features.

  3. Toggle the Activity log switch to activate/deactivate the log’s visibility in the Care environment.

Activity log then becomes a part of the case thread.

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