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The Portal is the first place you see when you visit the Emplifi Ratings & Reviews module from or

Whether you moderate content, respond to shoppers, analyze reports, adjust settings, or manage your team, the Portal is designed to help you get your job done quickly and efficiently.

Portal Layout

Watch the following video or read the contents of this section to learn more about the Emplifi Ratings & Reviews Portal.

Site switcher

The site switcher shows which site you're in, and lets you change sites easily. Your list of sites might include only a production site and test site. Or you might have multiple sites for different geographic regions or for brands within a brand family.

The list of sites available depends on your user permissions. If your user permissions are only set for a single site, the site switcher is inactive and shows your current site.


Navigation menu

The navigation menu is available from every page, so you always keep the context of where you're at in the portal.

Menu items vary depending on the user roles you have for the site you've selected. For example, a user with the Moderator role will see moderation pages but will not see most settings pages, whereas a user with the Manager role will see moderation pages as well as all settings pages.

For more detail about permissions and user access, see Types of User Roles and Experts.


Reviews moderation includes filters, view options configurable per user, and many other usability features such as click-to-copy.

Reviews moderation filters

You can narrow the set of reviews displayed by selecting a review filter. Multiple filters can be applied at the same time.

Available filters:

  • Star ratings

  • Date range

  • Rating-only reviews

  • Brands

  • Categories

  • Email address

  • Product - name and SKU

  • Review content

  • Sources

  • Tags


Moderation filters available depend on your site's configuration. For example, only sites with syndication sources include the Sources filter, whereas sites with only native reviews do not display the Sources filter.

Reviews moderation publication status

When reviews flow into your site, your settings determine which reviews are automatically published.

All reviews remain in the inbox until a moderator can verify that the status has been accurately set. This allows as many reviews as possible to be published while still ensuring that your team has the ability to find reviews that they've not reviewed.

When you're in the Inbox, you can select from these tabs:

  • All
    Shows all unreviewed items.

  • Auto-published
    Only shows reviews that the system automatically published.

  • Auto-hidden
    Only shows reviews that the system automatically hid.

Items in the “Moderated” area only include reviews your team has set to published or hidden. To see what state the system would have automatically applied to a moderated review, select the moderation status and click Reset.

Items in the “All” folder include both moderated and unreviewed items. In other words, it is the combination of everything from the Moderated and Inbox areas.

View options

When a moderator is focused on a specific task, such as publishing content, some page elements are not relevant to their task and can be distracting. You can customize what's shown on the page by using the View options menu.

You can toggle the display of the following elements.

  • On reviews:

    • Tags

    • Flags

    • Subdimensions and shopper profiles

  • On visual content:

    • Tags

    • Flags

When tags or flags are set to not display, you will still see which tags or flags have already been applied to reviews or visual content items. However, the tag or flag sections will not display on reviews or visual content items that do not have any tags or flags applied.


Fields that moderators frequently copy to their clipboard include the user email address and the product SKU. These fields can now be easily copied to the clipboard by clicking on them.

Frequently asked questions

Why doesn't the Questions inbox have a count in the navigation menu?

Navigation counts show global totals that are relevant for every user. Each moderator can set filters that apply to their view of the questions inbox. Those filters are always applied and can be different across moderators. Therefore, a count is not shown on the questions inbox.

Why are there a different number of reviews in the new reviews inbox and the legacy reviews inbox?

The legacy reviews moderation inbox count included all unmoderated reviews within a 90-day rolling window. To access unmoderated reviews that fall outside that window in legacy reviews moderation, you can navigate to All and select the Unreviewed radio button.

The new reviews moderation inbox count includes all unmoderated reviews. By default, new reviews moderation does not include any time constraint. Instead, we have added a date filter. The count shown in the results area reflects the selected time frame. If you want to mimic the legacy reviews moderation inbox, you can use the date picker to only show reviews from the last 90-days.

Watch the following video to see a demonstration of how inbox review counts work:

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