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Monitoring Campaigns

Login into the Portal and on the right sidebar for your site instance click "Review Incentives".

You'll see a table list of campaigns if you've already created some. The table list contains some quick details about the campaign.

  • Campaign: The name of the campaign you've created

  • Emails Sent: The total number of emails sent by the campaign

  • Reviews Collected: The total number of reviews collected by the campaign

  • Incentives Left: The total number of incentives left by the campaign

  • Incentives Awarded: The total number of incentives awarded by the campaign

  • Start Date: The campaign’s start date

  • End Date: The campaign’s end date

  • Status: The status of the campaign (see next section for possible statuses)

Campaign Status

  • Scheduled: Campaign is waiting to start

  • Active: Campaign is currently running

  • Paused: Campaign is currently paused

  • Ended: Campaign has ended

  • Incomplete: Campaign is missing promo codes or products

  • Pending: Promo codes are being processed

Campaign Detail Screen

Click on a campaign to see the campaign's details.

  • Engagement Funnel: Shows campaign stats such as emails sent, collection rate, and the rating breakdown of the reviews collected.

  • Campaign Goals: The review goals for products in the campaign, and the percentage of products in the campaign that have reached the goal.

  • Incentives: Shows how many incentives have been sent out and how many are remaining, broken down by incentive type. When incentives are running low, the number of coupon codes remaining shows in red.

  • View Collected Content: View all the reviews collected by a given campaign.

Product List

In the Campaign Detail Screen, you’ll be able to search the products in your campaign and see the number of reviews collected and which products reached the campaign review goal.


Edit a Review Incentives campaign

To edit a campaign, click the “...” icon in the top right corner.


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