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Magento: Landing Page Configuration

[Introduced in extension version 3.7.0]

If you would like to send customers to a dedicated landing page from Review Solicitation Emails, rather than sending them to the Product Page, you can configure a dedicated landing page. This can lead to faster load times and increased submission rates. For help using a dedicated landing page, contact Emplifi Support.

For more on adding and using the landing page in TurnTo, see Landing Page.


  1. Navigate to the page you’d like to edit in the Magento CMS system.

  2. Click the Insert Widget button.

  3. Select TurnTo SpeedFlex - Landing Page from the widget dropdown.

  4. Save the page.
    (tick) Remember to clear the front-end cache before checking for front-end changes.

The Landing Page code does not produce any visible pages. Work with Emplifi Support to confirm it is configured correctly.

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