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Leverage Emplifi UGC to Close Marketing Gaps

We consolidated a list of 6 ways to use user-generated content from Emplifi UGC to fill some of the marketing gaps being created by other programs that may be on hold.

Content is King

The crunch for content never stops, and the speed of marketing doesn’t rest. While photo shoots, events, and other activations may have been canceled, marketers still need fresh content. This is a good time to focus on building out your UGC library and maximizing the value of these assets. Build and incorporate content calendars based on: 

  • Celebratory events (Wear Pajamas To Work Day, National Picnic Day)

  • National Holidays (Mother’s Day, Memorial Day)

  • Upcoming product launches 

  • Existing products, to increase sell-through and reduce inventory

Organize, Organize, Organize 

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your closet! Use this time to:

  • Clear those inboxes: Use inbox filters like “Top Content”, “Top Influencer”, and our image recognition tool to navigate your inboxes and discover the best UGC. Watch our curation refresher webinar to learn more.

  • Request rights for LOTS of content: Now is a great time to send more permission requests. Catch them while they're scrolling through their feeds and increase your arsenal of fully permissioned UGC.

  • Assign "Tags" to segment content. To learn more, see Tags Use Cases and Best Practices.

Influencer Management & Tracking

Build your micro-influencer & ambassador programs and start tracking in Emplifi UGC. Collaborate with your teams to scale content across multiple platforms including email, website, blogs, social, ads and more.

Too often, brands silo influencer marketing and UGC programs, and don’t get full value from the content being created. To start, load your influencers into Emplifi UGC.

By adding contacts to Emplifi UGC, you will also get new reporting and tracking functionality to save time and energy. To learn more, see Creator Analytics.

Engage with your Digital Community 

Create campaigns to engage your customers, like asking them to share how they are working from home, creating color pages to keep kids engaged, or posting fun IG Stories. We can support you with all of these! Some industry specific idea starters: 

  • Travel: Show us the type of vacation you are dreaming of right now OR your favorite trip OR recreate your favorite vacation meal and share it with us.

  • Apparel: Show us your favorite festival/party outfit OR what you will wear this summer when we can be out and about OR your favorite cozy looks.

  • Health & Fitness: Show us how you are working out at home OR what you’re cooking to stay fit.

In Analytics > Social > Engagement you will see “Associated Hashtags and Handles”. This identifies other relevant terms to help discover on-brand assets that aren’t being collected yet. Add these terms to existing albums or create new ones to increase the amount of content that Emplifi UGC is collecting for you.

Incorporate UGC in Emails

Leveraging UGC in emails is a great way to build customer loyalty, share brand messaging, create new email experiences and increase engagement. With Emplifi UGC, you can quickly add content to your welcome email series, post-purchase emails, pre-stay emails, new product launches, and cart abandonment emails. 

To learn more, see Email Displays Use Cases and Best Practices.

Engage your Employees 

Boost morale and generate more content around new product launches. Emplifi UGC-hosted landing pages are a quick way to get started if you can’t add a new page to your website or employee intranet. Here's an example from the Accor Hotels - their #quarantinekitchen gallery.

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