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Email Displays Use Cases and Best Practices

With email displays, you can use your top performing UGC to enrich brand exposure and increased conversion. The experience your customer receives will be more personalized and relevant. These displays can serve as a huge alleviator for content pain point, and can be very profitable:

  • Increasing Lifetime Value (LTV): Getting a customer to buy again is normally easier than converting a new customer - this is a big part of increasing LTV.

  • Very Low Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): In a Facebook ad you have to pay each time to send a message out. The incremental cost of sending an email out to your subscriber list of 1M+ is very low compared to paying traffic with a Facebook ad.

  • Fresh Flow of Content: Emails have a relatively low shelf life in terms of attention span, but with Emplifi UGC, all photos, videos, and direct uploads can be easily managed, deployed, and pushed out to further engage your database. 

  • Value through Analytics - You can see how each piece of content is performing in an email display in terms of conversion, which can help you make better content decisions in the future. 
    We’ve found that when our customers launch Emplifi UGC email displays, they see an average increase in click-through rate of 2X than to other content!

  • Further Communication: You can communicate with customers and build brand opportunities. It also can be very helpful with merchandising. A lot of email marketing is very direct response focused, but not all need to sell you something.

Use Cases

  • Product Promotions - Bring direct response email campaigns to life with customer content to celebrate your products. This is great for new product announcements & promotion. You'll be able to save resources on creative work, while increasing CTE and activation on promotions.

  • Community Blasts - Keep email subscribers engaged with top content of the week/month galleries. This is also an easy way to get them to participate and be featured by their favorite brand. You can build a stronger community with authentic customer content and storytelling. 

  • Contest & Campaigns - Add the customer voice to contest and campaign announcements. With this community element, you can promote sharing, engagement, and participation. 

  • Shoppable Instagram - Leverage your brand's Instagram content to create a shoppable display in email and drive your customers directly to product pages. You'll be able to improve email engagement rates and direct conversion.

  • Abandoned Cart - Automate high performing, intelligent UGC to be included in abandonment shopping cart and other related products to help convert lost customers. This is done through our product-triggered email display. You'll be able to increase recovery of abandoned shopping carts and drive email conversion.

  • Post Purchase - Increase engagement and brand awareness by adding a CTA to share your purchase or a gallery of other customers sharing content of your products. Link content back to website to create repeat traffic, engagement, and purchases. 

Best Practices

  • Give context to the displayed content within the description because they may not be aware it's UGC.

  • Let customers know how they can share their content to be featured (direct upload, brand mention, hashtag, etc.).

  • Include a clear CTA - remember the content shown has click throughs, so come up with a CTA that'll encourage your customers to click on it.

Haven't had the chance to set up an email display yet? Go to Publish an Email Display to learn more.

Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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