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June 14, 2023

Publisher: Get Instagram Stories Published Automatically

You can now handle the entire process of publishing Instagram stories from Publisher. It is now as easy as publishing of any other content type in Publisher.

Until now, due to restrictions set by the Facebook API, you would be able to schedule a story in Publisher but would need to manually publish it directly from the Instagram application once the time comes. The story scheduled in Publisher would work as a reminder and notify you when it is time to post the story.

Now, you schedule a story in Publisher, and Publisher automatically posts it at the specified time.

To get Instagram stories published automatically, select Stories (auto publishing) when scheduling a story.

The manual way of publishing stories is still available for you to use - it just has been renamed to Stories (manual publishing) in the dropdown.

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Schedule and Publish Instagram Stories
Schedule and Publish Instagram Posts

Publisher: More Languages Added to AI Composer

AI Composer, an artificial intelligence tool that allows you to quickly draft posts and responses in Publisher, got support for six more languages:

  • Catalan

  • Croatian

  • Estonian

  • Greek

  • Korean

  • Slovenian

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AI Composer
Create, Schedule, and Preview a Post

Emplifi Documentation Center: Major Improvements

Documentation Center Redesigned

Emplifi’s platform components are integrated across three clouds:

This integration needs to be reflected in the product documentation. This is why we decided to create a single unified documentation hub that mirrors your experience in the main Emplifi platform environment.

For example, the documentation for Emplifi Bot, which was a part of the Service Cloud section of the Documentation Center, is now available here: Emplifi Bot.

UGC (Pixlee) Documentation Integrated in Documentation Center

The Pixlee documentation is now fully integrated in the Emplifi Documentation Center as the UGC (User-Generated Content) module of the Emplifi platform.

Going forward, this will be the only documentation maintained and updated to reflect the latest product changes.

The original Pixlee documentation site will remain operational to maintain continuity and help with the transition process.

Creators: Product for Post

In Creators (part of UGC), you can now send free products from your Shopify store to Creators who are participating in your Campaigns.

With Product for post, brands can do the following:

  1. Select products they want to send to their Creators in exchange for user generated content.

  2. Easily create orders in their Shopify store through Creators with the click of a button.

  3. Track everything from shipping & fulfillment to campaign ROI directly from within Creators.

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Product for Post

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