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How to Set up Shared Insights in Emplifi Suite

As brands collaborate with a vast network of creators – including influencers and partner brands – a key question for marketers is how to identify the right match, when you can only access basic public metrics. Emplifi has an answer to this: a direct and transparent private data sharing function, right in the platform.

Shared Insights is a collaborative process: both parties can agree and decide together on the data that's shared. Private metrics, audience data, specific time ranges, and even selected content pieces are all available. With agreed-on terms, both parties can feel confident and in control throughout the whole process.

This article looks at the process of sharing insights from both sides, and it illustrates the steps 1. for a brand that wants to request private data insights and 2. for an influencer or partner brand that is happy to share their insights.

Sharing Data From a Brand’s Perspective

Requesting shared data access is convenient and secure. It streamlines reporting, and lets teams quickly validate whether the influencer or partner brand has met agreed-on terms. Shared data is available all across Emplifi's unified platform – including Analytics, Dashboard, Content Hub, and Influencers. Therefore, you can analyze partnerships more holistically and visualize the data as you would usually across the platform.

  1. To begin the process, select a potential influencer or partner brand and add their social profile. This way, you can not only monitor and vet them based on their public insights but also request access to their private data.

  2. Once you've added the profile, there are various ways to request Insights and send data connection invitations to influencers you're partnering with.

    • In Influencers
      Head into the Influencer module, select an influencer and go to the Insights section. Select the Ask Influencer for Insights button to create a data connection invitation.

    • In Analytics
      Alternatively, you can request Shared Insights by selecting an influencer or partner brand in Analytics. Once selected, you'll find an Ask For Shared Insights link directly under the name of the profile. The pop-up window will then ask you if the selected profile is your profile or someone else's profile. To create a data connection invitation, click on the second option.

    • In Settings
      Another way to set up Shared Insights is in Settings – Data Connections. The new Shared Insights tab allows you to track the status of all invitations and view pending requests. To connect Shared Insights, select any influencer profile.

  3. In the pop-up that appears, you can create a personalized note with details about the data you’d like to access. Click Create Data Connection Invitation to generate a unique invitation link that can directly be shared with the data owner, using your preferred communication method.

  4. When the influencer or partner brand receives the invitation, they can finalize the data connection process on their end. Once they accept the invitation, you’ll receive a notification on the platform and by email. Now you can view the requested data all across Emplifi's unified platform!

Sharing Data From a Data-Owner Perspective

From a data-sharing side, the process is simple too! And Influencers or partner brands can show that they’re a great match for collaboration – without wasting time and energy on reporting. Besides, it’s easy to keep track of the brands they collaborate with, using an easy-to-read dashboard.

  1. After receiving the invitation link, the data owner can log in to Emplifi Shared Insights Portal using their Facebook credentials. Here they see all the data that’s requested. Once a data owner decides sharing data is something they’re up for, they can choose to share Posts, Stories, and Audience Data. 

  2. Shared Insights is set up with complete granularity in mind; a data owner is always in control of their data. They can select specific date ranges, and even just exact content pieces. Once happy with their selection, they confirm this by choosing Share Data with the Brand.

  3. If an influencer or partner brand decides to stop sharing data, they can do this at any time by simply turning off all categories and clicking the Save Changes button.


Shared Insights is an organized approach to share data in a modern and secure way. It streamlines collaboration with Influencers and partner brands while ensuring transparency on all sides. Brands can make better decisions based on the whole story, and collaborators can benefit from seamless reporting and analysis!

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