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Deploy Product Description Pages Checklist

Follow the steps in this checklist to create Product Description Pages (PDPs) for your products.

  1. Add/Import products. To learn more, see Add or Import Products.

  2. Assign products within any albums. To learn more, see Tag a Product in a Piece of Content in an Album.

    • Apply a bounding box on content if you’d like to display shoppable tags on the photo.

  3. Create a one time product description page display in Publish Center. To learn more, see Publish a Product Description Page Display (PDP).

  4. Customize widgets. To learn more, see Product Description Page Best Practices.

  5. Copy and paste the embed code for a widget onto your site.

  6. Update widget display’s theme based on overall site and dynamically save without having to generate new embed code.

  7. Update the product feed and verify your feed in Emplifi UGC reflects your choices accordingly.

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