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December 13, 2023


Configure Access to Collections for Each User Individually

In Content, when sharing a collection with specific users, you can now set the level of access (view or edit) for each user individually.

Learn more:
Content Collections


Retroactively Update Collected Data when Editing Listening Queries

This feature is in beta. It is available only to the participants of the beta program.

If you are not a participant and want to test the feature with your listening queries, please contact Emplifi Support at

When editing a listening query, you can now choose to retroactively update the listening mentions that the query has already collected according to the changes that you have just made to the query.

This helps you save time and effort when managing your listening queries.

You no longer need to duplicate a query and edit it to re-download the already collected listening mentions to match the new query conditions. This means that if a listening query is used by other components in your Emplifi account (for example, you may have Dashboard widgets that use the query as a data source; the query may be included in query sets or spike alerts; or the query may be used as a condition in a Community inbox filter), you do not need to update all the dependencies to replace the original query with the newly created (duplicated) one. The changes in the updated query will be automatically applied to the affected widgets, alerts, and the other components.

Of course, you can still duplicate a listening query if needed.

Learn more:
Listening - General Guide


We have made some planned updates to the bot, including:

  • A launch of the AI utterances generation Beta for Intents

  • A visual rework of the intents page to improve usability and align with industry terminology

  • Updated logic for calculating escalation messages

  • Various bug fixes, including the Messenger close button for header left layouts

Learn more:
AI Utterances

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