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Create and Assign Account Roles for Emplifi UGC

Account roles control what a user is allowed to do in various modules of the Emplifi Platform. Before the members of your organization can access Emplifi UGC, you must create and assign them account roles that have UGC Application Access.

Only users with the predefined Account Admin account role can add or edit account roles.

Create Account Roles for Emplifi UGC

There are three options you have for creating an account role with UGC application access:

  • Duplicate an existing account role, and then add Emplifi UGC options to the duplicated role.

  • Create a new account role from scratch.

  • Modify an existing account role so that it includes Emplifi UGC options.
    (info) Predefined account roles cannot be modified, only duplicated.

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Account Roles

Change a user’s account role

After you have created your account roles, you can assign the roles to the members of your organization.

A user can have only one account role. If you want to limit or grant access to a specific section of the Emplifi Platform to a specific without affecting other users with the same role, you must create a new account role.

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User Roles and Permissions

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