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User Roles and Permissions

Setting up user roles and permissions enables smooth and governed usage of the Emplifi Suite.

You can select and customize user roles and permissions for secure management and viewability of the modules (such as Dashboard, Analytics, Care, and so on), data, accounts, profiles, ad accounts, and approval workflows.

Where to find user roles

You can access the user roles and permissions in the Settings section of your Emplifi account, under Roles & permissions.

Types of user roles

The Suite provides the following types of the user roles:

  • Account roles
    Account roles control what a user is allowed to do in various modules of the Emplifi Suite (such as Publisher, Community, Care, and so on) and whether they can use specific Suite functions (for example, manage other users and their user roles, assign labels to content, set up and manage query sets and queries, and so on).
    For more information, see Account Roles.

  • Profile roles
    Profile roles define what a user is allowed to do with specific profiles and their content (view content, create and publish content, approve other users' content, like/pin content, follow profiles, and so on).
    For more information, see Profile Roles.

  • Ad account roles
    Ad account roles manage access to and the level of permissions for ad accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
    For more information, see Ad Account Roles.

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