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Access Team Management Settings (Enterprise only)

With an admin account you can use the settings to select which team members have access to certain albums. This allows for better management, delegation, and less confusion amongst your team. This feature is only available for enterprise level customers.

You need to be a UGC admin to complete these steps.

  1. Hover over the triple-bar button (☰) and Click Settings.

  2. Click Team.

  3. Click on a team member that you would like to enable or disable access to a certain feature.

  4. Check or uncheck the boxes that represent access to the features.

  5. Click Save.


Here is a more detailed breakdown on team management settings:

Access Levels:

  • Admin: There are unlimited admins. Admins can add admins and users, and can edit user and admin access.

  • User: There are unlimited users. Users cannot add new team members or manage any access.

Access Control Options:

  • Albums

  • Admin access

  • Access to social profiles settings

  • Creating, collecting, and deleting albums

  • Approving/denying content

  • Marking content as favorite

  • Communicating with customers and permissioning content

  • Tagging products in content

  • Writing notes

  • Publishing displays

  • Scheduling posts via the Emplifi UGC Scheduler (Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), Pinterest)

  • Managing products and categories

  • Conversion access

  • Reviews access

  • CRM contacts access

  • Analytics access

  • Flags access

Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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