In Emplifi Suite, you can use the Publisher tool to schedule and publish single image posts to Instagram. To do so, you need an Instagram business profile. If you only have a personal Instagram profile, follow these steps to change it to a business profile:

What’s a business profile?

Instagram business profiles are just like personal profiles, except they also allow users to:

  • Promote posts directly from the app

  • View more detailed performance metrics (Reach, Impressions) with Instagram Insights

  • Add business contact information so customers can reach you through the app

To create an Instagram business profile, you need to link it to a Facebook Page. To do this, you need to be a Facebook admin of the Page. Moving forward, the posts you choose to share from Instagram on Facebook will be on that Page.

Note that business profiles can’t be private.

Enabling Publishing for your Instagram business profile in Emplifi Suite

Before you enable publishing for your Instagram profile, please make sure you are a Facebook admin or an editor of the Page which is associated with your Instagram business profile. You can then follow these steps:

  1. Go to Publisher

  2. Click the Instagram icon in the side panel on the right handside

  3. Choose your Instagram Profile and click ‘Enable publishing’

  4. Click ‘Authenticate’

  5. Follow the authorization process and give Emplifi permission to publish to your Instagram profile

  6. Select the Instagram profile

  7. Click ‘Use Selected Profiles’

  8. Create a post

Once you’ve enabled publishing for your Instagram business profiles in Emplifi Suite, you can use all of the Publisher features, such as:

  • labeling your post

  • assigning teammates

  • sending posts for approval

  • adding internal notes to request design or copy changes

For now, you can schedule and publish single-image Instagram posts. We’ll let you know when publishing for Stories, Carousels and Video Posts becomes available.