People love Instagram videos: cats, epic fails, makeup tutorials, mukbang – you name it, we're watching it. Within the first 24 hours of their introduction to Instagram, more than 5 million videos were posted. That’s one year’s worth of continuous watching, posted in one day!

And the videos haven’t stopped. It's clearly a winning post type for the platform. So if you want to create engaging content on Instagram, you shouldn’t rely on photos alone. Mix it up with videos and make posts that really resonate with your audiences.

Publish Instagram Videos Straight From Publisher

It’s easy to post videos to Instagram directly from Suite. Just go to Publisher, click on Create New Post,  and choose your Instagram profile. Make sure you’ve got your Instagram profile connected to Suite – if you haven’t, you can learn how to do that in How to Add Owned Instagram Profiles.

Select the video icon and choose the video you want to post. Write a great description, then your post is good to go! You can publish your post directly, save it for later, or even schedule it to be published at the time it will get the most hearts and comments.


Now let’s see how you can use Suite to create winning Instagram videos. Deep content intelligence in the planning stage will help focus your efforts to create content your audiences will love.

Get Inspired by Top Video Content on Instagram

 Let top-performing content help guide your creative process. By drawing inspiration from posts that users already love, you can take your own video content to the next level.

Click on the Analytics tab, then go to Inspiration. Change your social network to Instagram, and enter some search terms that relate to the type of content you’d like to produce. To only see top-performing video content, we’ll need to use some filters. Click on the filter icon, and under Post Type, select Videos.

Of course, we only want to see top-performing posts, so under Predicted Grade, select A+ and A. If you want to apply any other filters, you can do that here too.

Now you’re ready to be inspired! Take a look at your results and see what type of videos are most engaging on Instagram. If you see any videos that you want to revisit or discuss later, just click on Favorite at the bottom of that post. Now you can find that post any time you open Inspiration.

What’s even better, all your favorite posts can be viewed directly in Publisher. After you click Create New Post and choose your Instagram account, click on Favorite Posts to see any posts you’ve saved. Content inspiration is there for you, right when and where you need it.

Now you’ve got all the inspiration you need to create your own top-performing videos. After you’ve published your work, Suite is there to help you analyze your results and see how your hard work is paying off.

Measure Your Success

 If you want to take a deep dive into your post’s success, Suite is there for you. Let’s see how.

Head to the Analytics tab and click on the Instagram logo. Then select the profile you’re interested in learning more about. Now, under Report, click on Content. You’ll see an overview of the different type of content you post to your page, followed by a feed of posts to the selected Instagram profile.

Let’s take a closer look at the Instagram feed. We want to focus on video content, so select Video from the drop-down menu and hit Apply. If you’ve enabled Instagram Insights, you should see some results that look like this:


Engagement Metrics

Get important information at a glance. You can quickly see key metrics about a post, such as interactions, reach, saves, and views. This information can give you powerful insights into how to make your content strategy more effective.

Sentiment Analysis

At the top of the post, you’ll see a radiator icon indicating the overall sentiment of your community towards the post. Are comments on the post mostly positive, negative, or neutral? This makes it easy to respond to changes in sentiment and stay agile in your community management.

Performance Prediction Grade

Be sure not to miss the performance prediction grade, in the upper-right-hand corner of the post. This gives you confidence when deciding whether to boost a post or not. You can learn more about performance prediction Promote Wisely with Performance Prediction.

Let data help guide your creative decision-making process, and let Suite make it easier than ever. Try posting a video today, and take advantage of a super-engaging format on Instagram.