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Predict the Performance of Your Profile and Content

Use the Performance prediction board in Unified Analytics to optimize your Facebook and Instagram content’s performance with AI-driven recommendation.

  • Discover which organic posts you should promote.

  • Analyze engagement.

  • Analyze owned and public profiles.

  • Analyze competitors content and produce analysis that will help you learn from their success and avoid mistakes.

  • Facebook and Instagram only.

  • Prediction engine works on all content types, including reels.

  • This is a paid add-on. To activate this board, contact your Customer Service Manager or Emplifi Support.

Performance Prediction identifies top-performing posts that were published in the last 12 to 48 hours and suggests which you should consider to promote based on their organic interactions.

To make recommendations, we analyze six months of your historical content and user behavior data to create a an-ad hoc unique algorithm to select actionable content.

UA Predictions.png

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