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Analyze Engagement in Unified Analytics

Monitoring, and analyzing engagement with your content is a crucial part of measuring the success of your social media presence.

In Unified Analytics, engagement widgets are available in the following Overview boards and sub-boards:

  • Cross platform

  • Facebook

  • Instagram 

  • Linkedin

  • X (formerly known as Twitter)

  • Youtube

  • Pinterest

  • TikTok

  • Snapchat

UA Engagements Docs.png

The following engagement widgets are available:

  • average engagements per media type

  • average engagements trend

  • average number of engagements

  • engagements by platform

  • engagements per media type

  • engagements trend

  • impressions engagement rate

  • impressions engagement rate by platform

  • impressions engagement rate per media type

  • impressions engagement rate trend

  • number of engagements

  • reach engagement rate by platform

  • reach engagement rate per media type

  • reach engagement rate rate trend

  • reach impressions rate

Availability of any particular widget depends on a specific board depends on board/profile/data combination.

For general information how various engagement parameters are calculated, see Engagements, Reach Engagement Rate, and Impressions Engagement Rate.

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