Integrating Emplifi’s Community with Salesforce allows you to monitor and interact with your users within directly in the Emplifi’s Community module and then, if you want to escalate an individual conversation, you can simply open a Salesforce case directly from Emplifi, and continue dealing the escalation within you Salesforce environment.

This article and the section is about integrating Salesforce with Emplifi Community.

To integrate Salesforce with Emplifi Care, see Integrate Care with Salesforce.


  • Salesforce integration must be enabled in your Emplifi organization.

  • To connect Emplifi with a Salesforce account, you must have an admin-level access in Salesforce.

Types of Connection

Emplifi’s connector uses the Salesforce API.

Emplifi connects with Salesforce using a token-based connection.

After the token-holder connects your Emplifi and Salesforce environments, all other users within the given Emplifi account will be able to escalate cases to Salesforce via that token-based connection.

No further connection with a personal Salesforce credentials will be required.

You can use Salesforce integration in two ways:

  • Connect to Salesforce (main)

  • Connect to Salesforce sandbox to run all the preliminary checks and avoid to spam the main account with tests

Request Salesforce integration

If Salesforce integration is not a part of your subscription, you can simply request it:


  1. In the Emplifi suite, click Settings.

  2. Click Integrations & API.

  3. Find Salesforce for Community and Care and click Request.

Connect a Salesforce account

To connect your Emplifi account to your Salesforce account (or Sandbox), follow these steps:

  1. In the Emplifi suite, click the Settings icon.

  2. Click Integrations & API, then click Salesforce.

  3. Click Connect Salesforce account.
    Salesforce login screen opens.

    Optional: You may also log into the Salesforce Sandbox to test the connection and mapping.

  4. Login with your Salesforce credentials.
    (info) Depending on your browser settings, you may be taken directly to the next screen as already logged in.

  5. Allow Emplifi to access into your Salesforce account.

    The connection completes.

You can now map the fields between Community and your Salesforce environment. See Map Your Community and Salesforce Fields.

Get started with Community and Salesforce integration

Proceed with the following sections to learn how to connect Emplifi and Salesforce, map the fields, and create your first case.