After you Map Your Care and Salesforce Fields and Link Care and Salesforce Contacts you can create a Salesforce case directly from the Care module within the Emplifi suite.

When you create a case from Care, it uses the mapping to create its copy in Salesforce.

Create a Salesforce case


  1. Open a Care case with a linked contact.

  2. Click the Salesforce tab.

  3. Click Create case.

  4. Fill in the case details, then click Create Salesforce case.

Manage a Salesforce case

After you create a Salesforce, you must interact with your customer from the Care module embedded in Salesforce. Replying from Care in the Emplifi suite is locked.

Whenever a message is added to Care case (manually, or via automation) a trigger to SF is dispatched to update the status of SF case (mark it as something to be handled). No other field is auto-updated. Actions made on SF case are not propagated, for example, closing SF case requires the SF agent to then also mark it closed in Care in the iframe.

Enable Care login for Salesforce

Only Salesforce agents with a seat Emplifi Care can work in Care cases from Salesforce.

Salesforce agents might be prompted to log-in to Care within the iframe via a pop-up.

To ensure that login process works, do the following.

  • enable third party cookies

  • enable popups (when not enabled, you may open the pop-up manually).

Once logged in, they can interact with the case in the same way as

Community, Care, and Salesforce

Integration and interoperability of Community and Care modules with Salesforce depends on whether you, as Community user, use Care to escalate your Community issues.

If you are using Community without Care

If you are using Community without the Care module, you create your Salesforce cases as described in Create a Salesforce Case from the Community Inbox. Community and Salesforce integration remains unidirectional. Once you create a Salesforce case, you should only interact with it in Salesforce.

If you are using Community with Care

If you are using Care to escalate the cases from Community, any Salesforce case that you trigger in Community will automatically escalate to Care where it creates a new Care case entity first and then triggers Care case to Salesforce escalation.

Escalation via Care will be handled on Care API instead of builder content actions.