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Collect Content from Shoppers through Direct Uploader

You can enable user-generated content collection into the album through the Emplifi UGC direct uploader lightbox link. This link can also be embedded into a call-to-action (CTA) button or as a text link, and can be placed onto your brand’s website, email, landing page, blog, or any other display that supports HTML. To display the Add Your Photo in your gallery, please keep in mind that the Terms and Conditions are mandatory. You can update your Terms and Conditions here or at the widget level. 

The content that is collected from the Emplifi UGC direct uploader is marked as permissioned and is added to the corresponding album. There are two methods in which you can access this feature:

Album’s Collection Settings

  1. Click into “Albums” within “Curation” on the top navigation bar and select the album that you would like to work with.

  2. Click the “Collect Content” button to open the album’s collection settings.

  3. Click “Uploader” on the left side panel.

  4. Select a connected widget display from the dropdown - you can preview the displays by clicking on the link icons (if the album hasn't been connected to a widget display yet, you can do so in the Publish Center).

  5. A field will be populated with a link to the uploader button, which is the same as the gallery uploader with all the customization for the given widget.

  6. Click on “Copy Link” to copy the uploader button link for that widget display to embed into any website, email, etc.


Publish Center

  1. Click into your “Publish Center” on the top navigation bar.

  2. Within the website display or the landing page, locate the uploader column and click the corresponding link.

  3. Click on “Copy Link” to copy the uploader button link for that widget display to embed into any website, email, etc.


Example of a link reformatted into HTML to embed as a hyperlinked text:

<a href=" " target="_blank">Uploader</a>

Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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