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Set up Terms of Service

You can set up a default company specific Terms of Service or have additional ones catered to specific galleries and additional brands. This is simple to set up and easily manageable! Both these will exist on the Emplifi UGC Direct Uploader (default widget button and end tile button) when your customers upload their own content.

Set the Default Terms of Service

The Terms of Service set here will apply to any newly published gallery unless expressly updated (see Gallery-specific settings below).

  1. Hover on the top right corner and click into Settings.

  2. On the left panel, click into your Terms of Service settings.

  3. Enter a Terms of Service checkbox text, or leave it on the default text.

  4. Choose a method to upload your Terms of Service - URL or file.


Set the Terms of Service for a Specific Gallery

  1. Click into your Publish Center.

  2. Edit one of your existing widget displays.

  3. Click into the design editor and edit its theme.

  4. Under Uploader on the left panel, you'll see "Brand Terms of Service".

  5. From here you can:

    • Enable/disable if you want to be visible or not.

    • Enter a TOS text, or leave it on the default text.

    • Enter a TOS link.

  6. Make sure to Save all your changes!

    1. On the top, towards the left side panel, click "Save" for your design editor.

    2. Click "Save" for your theme.

    3. Click "Save & Update" or "Save" for your widget display click - depending on if it's an already existing display or a brand new one.


Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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