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Using a Non-Default Delimiter

A delimiter is a character (or multiple characters) that indicates a boundary between fields in a data feed. A common example is the tab character, which delimits fields in a sequence of tab-separated values.

You can change the default delimiter used in data feed files by entering a regular expression into the Feed Delimiter setting. If this field is blank, Emplifi Ratings & Reviews uses the tab character (\t) as the feed delimiter.

Which feeds are affected?

The Feed Delimiter (regex) setting impacts these feeds:

  • Catalog Feed in TurnTo format.

  • Catalog Feed in Catalog-TSV Other format - This is a non-TurnTo format that requires a comma, pipe, or tab-delimiter rather than XML or other format.

  • Historical Order Feed in TurnTo format.

Changing the default delimiter


  1. In Emplifi Ratings & Reviews, click Settings → Manage Site.

  2. In the Feed Delimiter (regex) field, enter your delimiter as a regular expression.

    Delimiter Examples

    • To use a pipe character, enter the regex \|.

    • If your feed is comma-separated, enter , . Commas do not need to be escaped in regular expressions, so no backslash is necessary.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update to save your changes.

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