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Unified Analytics - Widgets Overview

We wanted to make your workflow as streamlined as possible without the need to consult documentation to find out what a particular widget displays.

Unified Analytics Widgets Overview.png

Hover the cursor over a specific section of the widget to see a more detailed view of the displayed data background such as:

  • date

  • metric

  • source details (platform, profile color, etc.)

  • exact number

Depending on their configurations, widgets can display the following:

  • Widget name

  • Description

  • Pop-up information boxes

  • Time period

  • Aggregation type

  • Post vs Profile

  • Drilling options (Interactive)
    Click the visualization to display the actual content that the widget analyzes with all filters applied.

Interactive widgets

Content widgets allow you to review the underlying content in the Content hub. You will find such widgets in content or listening boards.

Clink to Content.png

Interactive widgets take the Content hub integration further as they allow you to drill to the very specific content behind a specific section of the chart.

Unified Analytics Interactive Widget samples.png

For more information about how to use interactive widgets for in-depth content analysis, see Drill into Interactive Widgets.

Many content boards contain only interactive widgets. If the board is a mix of standard and interactive content widgets, interactive widgets are indicated with a dedicated label.

Interactive Widgets B.png

Content widgets

Content widgets are specific board widgets designed to carry supplementary information, for example:

  • text

  • media

  • links to other media content

Customize your content widgets

Content widgets are also available in your Custom Boards.

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