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How to Set Up Tableau Web Data Connector (WDC) with Emplifi

The Emplifi Tableau Connector will be deprecated in August 2024.

For more information, please see the Release Notes from May 2, 2024.

Integrating social media insights alongside the rest of your marketing or business intelligence data gives you a holistic understanding of your entire digital strategy, all in one place. With Emplifi Tableau Connector, you’ll be able to get all the metrics from our Public API directly to your Tableau Dashboard alongside the labeling work that your team did in Emplifi.

Before you get started, check the Tableau documentation here to learn how to set up the web data connectors, connect Tableau to a web data connector, and more. 

The Tableau Connector is a layer between Emplifi API and Tableau itself and helps you work with your data in an intuitive way, directly in the BI tool. The majority of metrics available in the Emplifi API are also available in the Connector. Please see the below section (end of this article) for more details. For more information about Emplifi Public API and a description of the metrics available, visit the Emplifi API documentation.

All the data pulled from the API will depend on the profiles, and corresponding data connections monitored in your Emplifi platform, meaning that you won’t have access to insights metrics data if:

  • You don’t own the profile

  • Insights are not connected

  • The insights token is expired.

You will have access to a profile’s public data if it’s being monitored in your Emplifi platform. To use the Tableau Web Data Connector, you will need to access it with the same authentication (token and secret) used to access our API, as described in the Security and Authentication section from our Public API documentation.

To start using the Connector, you first need to have access to Emplifi Public API.

How to access the Emplifi Public API?

  • Go to Emplifi Platform Settings → Integrations & API.

  • In this menu, you'll see all the possible integrations we offer.

  • If the Emplifi Public API integration is not yet activated, press the Request button – your Account Manager will be automatically notified and will contact you as soon as possible.

If you already have the API integration activated in your account, you can contact our Support team to get your API credentials. The login credentials are generated for a user in your Emplifi platform. Each user has unique API credentials.

Once your API credentials have been granted by our Support team, you can start working with the Connector.

 Log in & Authorization

To connect to the Emplifi Connector, you need to have Tableau Desktop installed on your computer. 

  1. Run your Tableau Desktop application.

  2. Connect the Data by selecting the “Web Data Connector” option (sometimes also referred to as WDC) on the right-hand menu.

  3. In the new window, paste the Connector URL:

  4. Log in using the Emplifi Public API credentials you obtained from the Emplifi Support team.

  5. Select the data set you want to analyze and start analyzing the data.

Ensure you follow our Emplifi Official API Guide for further details.

List of metrics and sections not available in the Connector

If you have any technical questions concerning the connection of the WDC with the Emplifi API, feel free to reach out to our Emplifi Support Team.

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