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Published vs Unpublished, Listed vs Unlisted Content

  • By default, Facebook and YouTube data displayed and analyzed in Dashboard, Unified Analytics and Content contain published/listed data and content only. To display unpublished/unlisted content’s data, you must change the filter’s settings.

  • Information on this page applies only to Facebook and YouTube content.

Use content visibility filters to exclude unpublished posts (Facebook) and unlisted videos (YouTube) from your organic analytics .

Unified Analytics

In Unified Analytics, open the filter menu on a supported board (Facebook and YouTube profiles):

Published vs Unpublished Unified Analytics.png


In Dashboard widgets, the content visibility filter available as an option in the wizard configuration - only for the widget that contain data from FB and YT.

Published vs Unpublished Dashboard.png

Content hub

In Content hub, you can deploy the content visibility filter in the Search options.

Published vs Unpublished Content.png

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