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Publish Regional Widget Displays (Global Enterprise Only)

To display Emplifi UGC widget displays on regional sites, there are a few extra steps you’ll need to follow in order to ensure that your products are pulling from the correct feed and Emplifi UGC is reporting on the correct regional data. 

Embed code should never be embedded on multiple pages. Use a new widget gallery for a new page, and a new region for all new widget galleries.

  1. Confirm with your Customer Success Manager that your regional product feeds have been successfully imported into Emplifi UGC. Go to our developer documentation for to learn more.

  2. Confirm with your Customer Success Manager that your conversion tracking has been successfully set up for each regional site. Instructions are different depending on the ecommerce platform. Go to our developer documentation to learn more.

  3. In your Publish Center, click to create your first widget display for the new region. As an example, imagine you are already live with Emplifi UGC in the US, but you are creating a Homepage widget gallery for your French site. Go to Publish a Website Display and follow the widget creation instructions.
    (info) Be sure to assign the correct region as well, even if you want the design to match that of another region. You assign the region in the “Region Selection” drop down.

  4. If necessary, create a new design theme, save the theme, and select it for this widget display. This would be necessary if you needed to update the look and feel of the widget or perhaps most importantly, translate the copy. To update the language, head to the localization tab.

  5. After you finish customizing, generate the embed code and embed the code to the correct regional page. 
    As an example, below are the widgets and design themes that you’d want to create if you were launching Homepage and PDP widgets on US, French and UK sites.


Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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