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Permission Request Templates

Before you re-use the content you collect into your UGC albums, you should first ask for permission. Instead of writing a new message each time you want to ask for permission, you can create templates for requesting permission. To learn more, see Permission and Message Best Practices.

Template Groups

Templates are organized into groups. A template group can have an unlimited number of templates, and an account can have an unlimited number of template groups. By default, each account comes with a Default template group that cannot be deleted. All other groups can be deleted.

Deleting a template group deletes all templates within the group.

To create a new group, click Create New Group.

Create a New Template

A template can only exist within a template group.

We recommend creating a variety of templates to avoid having your brand shadow-banned or flagged for spam.


  1. Click the name of the template group where you want to create a new template.
    The template group opens.

  2. Click Create New Template.
    The Create New Template form opens.

  3. Fill out the form:

    • Provide a name for your template.

    • Write the message you want to send for requesting permission to re-use an asset.

    • Select whether to automatically mark the asset as permissioned when the response you receive includes the hastag (#) you specified.

    • Select whether to make this template the default template to use when drafting a permission request.

  4. Click Create Template.
    The template is added to the template group.

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