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Connect a Targeted Facebook Page

Location-based targeted (geo targeted) Facebook Pages are specifically focused on and accessible only to the public of the targeted country. Any audience outside the specified country, including Emplifi, cannot view the content of a targeted Facebook Page.

When you cannot access a targeted Facebook Page due to its location-based targeting condition, you see the following message:
Sorry, this content isn't available right now.

To be able to monitor location-based targeted Facebook Pages in the Emplifi Suite, you must generate a geo token and then contact Emplifi Support. The geo token grants Emplifi access to the content of the Pages, and Emplifi Support will be able to add profiles for the targeted Pages to your Emplifi account.

The geo token must be generated from the Facebook account of a user who is part of the targeted audience and has visibility over the content of a targeted Page (no special permissions or page roles are required).


  1. In a browser, log in to the Facebook account that has visibility over the content of the targeted Page for which you want to generate a geo token.

  2. In the same browser window, go to, and click Log in with Facebook.
    You are asked to confirm that you want to continue as the logged-in user, which will link Emplifi with your Facebook account.

  3. Press Continue as <username>.
    You are asked to select the Facebook Page that you want to generate a geo token for.

  4. Select the Facebook Page, and click Next.
    You are asked to select what Emplifi is allowed to do with the Facebook Page.

  5. Select the appropriate options, and click Done.
    The geo token is generated for the Facebook Page, and a confirmation messages appears.

  6. Contact Emplifi Support at Include the following in your Support ticket:

    • The URL and the Page ID of the targeted Facebook Page
      (info) If you cannot find the Page ID, see this article from the Facebook help center.

    • The User ID of the Facebook account used to generated the token
      (info) If you cannot find the User ID, see this article from the Facebook help center.

      Emplifi Support adds a profile for the targeted Page to your Emplifi account and notifies you once it is completed.
      The Page is added as a public profile (see Add a Profile as Owned (Private) or Public), but you can connect its private data later to make it owned (see Add an Owned Profile for Your Facebook Page).

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