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How Are Emplifi UGC Website Displays ADA Compliant?

We want to provide the best user experience for all Emplifi UGC users which is why we are always working towards making our website displays more ADA compliant. Some ongoing efforts include improving keyboard navigation and labelling for screen readers.

The user requirements for the Emplifi UGC site can be broken into four categories, similar to those outlined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. The needs of a disabled user are that a web application is:

  1. Perceivable

  2. Operable

  3. Understandable

  4. Robust


All images on widgets have a text alternative that serves the equivalent purpose. By default, the alt text is described with keywords associated with the content, though we give the option of changing the alt text on our platform to preferable descriptive text.

  alt="image by laurajilizian containing clothing, pink, person, toddler, child"

This allows screen readers to understand the links and images. Users with alternative style sheets or in high contrast mode will be able to see these images. Left and right arrow is also described well on a text level, these making the functionality of navigating content not dependent on the styling of the arrows.

For the limited hearing, videos delivered through the widget have a pause/stop control, as well as a mute option. 

For CSS, we recommend avoiding the before, after, pseudo elements for non-decorative content because the text is not accessible to all assistive technologies (like JAWS used with IE), so some users will not be able to hear the text. Instead, we recommend hiding the widget description and hosting it on your end.


Emplifi UGC widgets provide mouse and keyboard accessibility, and an extension to other assistive technologies that acts with clicking or navigating through focusing on HTML elements. Using tab, Emplifi UGC widgets can navigate through HTML elements. Pressing Enter will access the UGC content. For navigating widgets, the arrow buttons (left and row arrow, as it is visibly shown) are keyboard accessible. 


The majority of the content in an Emplifi UGC widget is UGC content. It is not meant for the purpose of reading, however, the widget is full of text that describes the widget functionality and purpose. 


Emplifi UGC supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer (9 and onward), as well as all mobile equivalents. Valid HTML is used to ensure consistent content display and accessibility.

Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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