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December 11, 2023


Updates to our Image Recognition Capabilities

To make it easier for brands to collect and organize their content, we’re introducing several updates to our image recognition technology for photos.

Better Keyword Suggestions

We’ve changed our image recognition technology to an in-house solution that provides better keyword suggestions for the themes and objects that it identifies within a piece of photo content.

Because our image recognition software runs at the time you collect the content, the new keywords might not appear in your Top 20 Image Recognition keywords list immediately. However, any new content you collect from this point will use the keywords provided by our new image recognition software.

Photo Image Recognition to Tag Album

We can now automatically add a content tag to UGC when it is first collected as long as the name of the content tag in Curation → Tags is an exact match for the keyword our image recognition software associates with the UGC. Any UGC that was collected before this feature is enabled cannot be automatically tagged.

Currently, this feature is free and available to all customers but disabled by default. To enable this feature, you can contact our Emplifi Customer Center to make a request.

Increased the Flexibility of our Spam Filters

We’ve updated our spam filters to reduce the chance that photo content which might interest brands who sell products like swimwear, lingerie, and baby products is sent to the spam folder. In addition, if you suspect that a large amount of your brand’s content may be sent to spam because your products can be misused, please contact support to address this.

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