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Custom Metrics

Custom metrics is a paid add-on that enables you to refine your data analytics beyond the scope of the Emplifi stock metrics.

Using custom metrics in your KPI is useful when:

  • Emplifi’s definition of a metric or a KPI differs from your internal definition.

  • your datasets contain fields that are outside of the scope of the Emplifi analytics.

  • you are joining Emplifi and want to keep your existing metrics, KPIs, and data structure.

How to create custom metrics

Custom metrics are prepared programmatically by Emplifi’s engineers based on your specifications, requirements, and your data structure.

We will test the metric and ensure that the metric is available in your Custom Metrics widget.

To learn more about devising custom metrics, see Define Your Custom Metric Requirements and/or contact your Solution Ambassador.

How do custom metrics work

Custom metric work on the post level only.

The formula is first applied on the single post level and then aggregated (by the aggregation type that you specified).


In this example, we assume that you want your metric to be calculated based on the following specifications:

  • Formula
    Video engagement rate (crossplatform): cp_interactions / cp_insights_video_views * 100

  • Aggregation type

  • Value type

The process outline:

  1. The formula is applied on each post under the selected data sources (profiles, labels, etc…).
    The result is the group of results per post (interaction divided by video views per each post in the group).

  2. The group of result per post is aggregated based on the specified aggregation type. In this case, it is average.

  3. For Total average, add * 100 (multiply by 100) to your formula to get the percentage.
    The % sign is added automatically.
    (info) If you selected number as the value type, this step does not apply.

Division by page_posts metric in the formula does not have any impact on the final result. As the formula is first applied on post and aggregated further afterwards, value per post is always 1.

Where can I see my custom metrics data?

After you purchase the custom metrics add-on, the custom metric widget icon appears in your widget options and custom metrics will be available in the Content hub.

To lean how to work with your custom metrics and where to view the data that are processed by custom metrics, see the following articles:

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