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Community Inbox Filters

Manual filtering

Manual filtering allows you to create ad hoc filters using the common logical operators.

The help panel displays when you click (approach) the search field.

Use the logical operators to expand or narrow down your search.

  • AND → conjunction

  • OR → disjunction

  • NOT or - (dash) → negation

  • quotation marks (“search term”) → exact match

  • parentheses → specify the order of your search terms

Logical operators work only if they are in UPPERCASE

Examples of effective text search:

  • national geographic

  • apple NOT macintosh

  • (((white OR red) AND wine) OR cheese) AND "made in Italy" NOT "made in France"

General filters

  • Platform
    Filter messages by specific social media platforms.

  • Sentiment
    Filter messages by sentiment detected automatically by Emplifi AI or applied manually by the users.

    • positive

    • negative

    • neutral

    • no sentiment

  • Status
    Filter messages by status applied by users. This filter may be influenced by the individual settings of each user, who can choose to hide messages designated as done.

    • done

    • in progress

    • no action

    • no status

  • Message type
    Filter messages by type: Ad comments (Facebook), Comments, Direct messages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), Mentions (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Posts, Wall posts (Facebook).

    • Owned profiles' messages

      • Ad comments

      • Comments

      • Direct messages

      • Posts / Wall posts

    • Mentions

      • Posts / Quotes / Tags

      • Mention comments

      • Stories (DM)

    • Listening

Chatter, priority, media types…

  • Chatter messages
    Filter messages and comments composed of mentions, emojis, hashtags or GIFs.

    • Mentions only

    • Gif only

    • Emoji only

    • Hashtag only

  • Media type
    Filter messages by specific media types attached to the content. Select all that apply.

    • Album

    • Carousel

    • Link

    • Photo

    • IG Reels

    • Status

    • Video

    • Sticker

  • Languages
    Filter by languages that appeared in your community feeds in the last 90 days. The filter does not allow the selection of all the possible languages. It shortlists only the languages detected for the entire account in the last 90 days.

    • At the moment, the language filter doesn't work for direct messages – coming soon.


You can filter your Community traffic by integration with other Emplifi modules and third party tools such as Salesforce.

  • Message location
    Filter messages based on their location. Messages visible in Community can be escalated to or handled by other products.

    • Salesforce

    • Agent

    • Bot

    • Care

  • Message status from Bot
    Filter messages based on their status from Bot.

    • Pending

      The Pending status means Bot escalated the message and the user is waiting for a Community manager to reply

  • Message status in Care
    Filter the messages that were escalated to Care based on their status.

    • Open
      Indicates that messages are being processed in Care and cannot be replied from Community.

    • Closed

      Indicates that messages were processed or resolved in Care and can be replied from Community.

Profiles, labels, and listening

  • Content labels
    Filter messages by applied content labels. Both Content labels and Label groups are supported.

  • Profiles
    Filter messages by profiles previously added to Emplifi. Select all that apply.

  • Profile labels
    Filter messages by profile labels previously created in Emplifi. Select all that apply.

  • Listening queries
    Posts, comments and other pieces of content collected via Listening query sets. Listening results are available only when the Community management is enabled in the query set’s settings.

  • Spike Alerts - Listening
    Posts, comments and other pieces of content collected via Spike Alerts as part of Crisis Management for Listening. Results are available only when the Community management is enabled in the query set’s settings.


  • Assigned
    Filter messages by the user to whom they are assigned.

  • Mentioned
    Filter messages by users mentioned in the internal notes.

  • Created by
    Filter messages by the user who created them in Emplifi.

Time filters

Time filters allow you to display messages that you define by the following characteristics:

  • calendar
    Define the period between two dates or last n days for which you want to display the messages. Calendar filters start at 0:00 AM and end at 11:59 PM.

  • time of the day
    Define the period between two times of a 24 hour day for which you want to display the messages.

For example, you can display the messages received every day within the last 2 months between 8 am and 10 am on each day.

Time filters are display-only. In other words, you must activate them for each session and they cannot be saved as a part of the feed.

Filter Limitations

  • The search takes into consideration the text of the message and the follower’s name. So, when the logical operators are included in the search, the search takes only into consideration the text of the message and not the follower’s usernames. In other words, only the classic plain text search works with usernames.

  • Chatter Messages filter
    At the moment, the combination of 2 or more of these filters won’t provide more complex results.
    For example, only mentions + only emojis won’t find the messages containing both mentions and emojis. Instead, it will (separately) find all the messages containing only mentions and all the messages composed of emojis only.

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