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Communicate with Creators that Are in Campaigns

The interactive communication features in Emplifi UGC Creator Campaigns help you easily manage different sets of Creators in your seasonal campaigns. To take it to the next level, we are enabling 1:1 messaging with your Creators, all from within Emplifi UGC.

In addition to managing your campaigns and files, you can now:

  • Recruit Creators to join a campaign by sending them a custom email from within Emplifi UGC.

  • Message your Creators using text and files, while logging all message records within Emplifi UGC so you won’t lose track of the communication history

  • Collaborate with your colleagues to work with the same Creator, so that you can respond quickly to Creator needs

  • Automate Creator campaign status when Creators accept or reject your campaign invitation in

  • Send, receive, and log direct messages with Creators (including attachments) to facilitate effective collaboration between your brand and your Creators and advocates

Follow these instructions to utilize this new feature:

  1. Set up an Creator campaign from your Creator Campaigns.

  2. You will only be able to interactively communicate with an Creator once they have accepted your campaign invitation 

    • If accepted, the Creator can use to chat and send attachments

    • If accepted, the brand can chat and send attachments through the “Messages” tab that’s located specifically in the campaign album’s Creator contact card and not through the contact card within the general Creators contacts tab 

    • If denied, the campaign will not be seen by the Creator in

    • If denied, the brand won’t be able to chat with that Creator from within the campaign; they can send out another email to reach back out

  3. Creators are notified when they have received a message by email and brands are notified when they have received a message from within the campaign


Your View of Creator Campaign Manager

To access this, you will have to click into an Creator’s profile from a campaign. You will notice a new tab labeled “Messages.”

You will not be able to view this new tab if you click into an Creator from the Contacts tab


Creator’s View of Creator Campaign Manager

Creators can message you by means of the Creator Campaign Manager through which works on both mobile and desktop web browsers. Once the Creators have entered their credentials, they can view their campaigns and communicate with you with messages in each campaign.

Switch between pages on the top right corner:

  • Managing campaigns

  • Enabling/disabling email notifications

  • Viewing terms and services

  • Signing out


Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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