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Ads Widgets Filters and Ad Types

Ads widgets filters

Use filters to narrow down your analysis, for data breakdown, and defining a dimension.

Individual filter groups:

  • Content labels

    • individual, determined by your setup

  • Campaign objectives

    • determined by the tools that are available within a given social media platform

  • Ad types

    • Boosted/Promoted

    • Catalog

    • Dynamic

    • Standard

    • Variations

  • Social platforms

    • depends

  • Placement

    • depends on the selected social media platform

  • Countries

    • depends on the selected social media platform

Ad type definitions

The Ad Types that are used within the analytics tools are defined and calculated by Emplifi.

Standard ad type doesn’t show in the card.

Ad Type

Available Platforms


Definition Conditions





Boosted indicates ads that originated as organic content and were later promoted.

Facebook: Associated with a published Facebook page post or created from an Instagram post still associated with it.

Twitter: Associated with a Twitter post published on the organic timeline.

TikTok: If the ad is a Spark Ad. Spark ads is a native ad format that enables you to leverage organic TikTok posts and their features in your advertising.




The Catalog tag indicates ads that feature products from your catalog, managed via Facebook Commerce or Ads Manager.

Facebook: Recognized as a Catalog by the Ad Creative definition.

TikTok: If the Ad consists of a product catalog




The Dynamic tag applies to ads using random combinations of content (e.g. images, videos, text) that were defined via Ads Manager.

Facebook: Recognized as a Dynamic by the Ad Creative definition.

TikTok: If the ad has Smart Creative enabled or if it’s somehow automated.



The Variations tag categorizes ads created from predetermined combinations of creatives, such as images, videos, and copy, as defined through Business Manager.

Facebook: Recognized as Variations by the Ad Creative definition.





A regular ad without any further characteristics. The Standard ad type covers everything that is not a boosted post or a catalog, dynamic or variations ad type.

The ad doesn’t match any of the previous conditions.

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