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2021.11.30 - TikTok Creators Collection

We’re happy to announce that Pixlee platform now supports TikTok content & Pixlee for Creators now includes TikTok collection.

 With this change, influencers that connect their TikTok accounts to their Pixlee for Creators profiles via will have their TikTok content automatically pulled into Pixlee, enabling you to automatically track your influencers TikTok content, as well as run TikTok campaigns right within Pixlee!


Connecting TikTok via Pixlee for Creators:


TikTok content automatically pulled into the Infleuncer’s activity feed:


Collected TikTok content can now be used in a gallery!

For More information about Pixlee’s TikTok capabilities, please see this FAQ and for a refresher on Pixlee for Creators, please see this FAQ.

If you have any other questions, please let us know via Emplifi Support or through the in-app chat!

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