Geo-targeted pages are specifically focused and accessible only to the public of the targeted country. Any audience outside the specified country won’t be able to view the Page’s content, including Emplifi.

If a user can’t access the page due to its geo-targeting condition, the following screen will be displayed:

Such pages are not possible to monitor in Emplifi Suite without a geo token generated from the Facebook profile of a user who has visibility over the page’s content (no special permissions or page roles are required).

How do you add a Targeted Page to your Emplifi Suite Account?

To add a Targeted Facebook Page to your Emplifi Suite Account, the user who is part of the targeted audience needs to:

  1. To generate a geo token, access the link here. It will grant Emplifi access to the targeted content of the page.

  2. A new window/tab will open in your browser. Press Login with Facebook.

  3. The user might be requested to link Emplifi with its Facebook profile. Press Continue as <username>

  4. As confirmation, a screen with a “Thank you!” message will be displayed

  5. Emplifi’ support team will receive an email with the Facebook username and the geo token from the user who granted us with the token

  6. You will need to contact Emplifi’ support team and share the Facebook Targeted Page’s URL and the username of the user who granted us the geo-token

  7. The page will be manually added by the support team, who will notify you once the job’s completed

The page will always be added as Public, but you can connect its private data later (as long as you have the proper permissions), making it a Private (or owned) page in Emplifi Suite (see How to Add Owned Facebook Pages).