The right influencers can help you grow genuine relationships with your audiences on social media. Emplifi’s data-driven approach to the search and selection process allows you to find the perfect influencer match for your brand. Using the industry’s largest influencer database, focus your search with advanced filtering options that give you more control and confidence.


Make the Right Choice the First Time Around

  • Unparalleled Search
    Search the influencer database and discover which influencers your audience trusts. Filter by your unique criteria, including micro and macro choices, varied interests, usernames, and hashtags.

  • First-rate Performers
    Choose the right influencers using Influencer Score, which grades the performance of an influencer compared to others in the database.

  • Unified Workflow
    Get an overview of influencers’ social profiles, their recent content, hashtags, and performance over time – all in one place. Drill down into influencers’ performance and decide if they meet your standards of success by adding their profiles to Analytics.

  • Integrated Intelligence
    Combine the power of insights from Audiences with Influencer recommendations to get trustworthy picks based on your audience’s interests.

Search for and Explore Your Perfect Influencer Match 

The best influencer for your brand is just a few clicks away. Explore the Emplifi database of influencer profiles to find your exact best match.

  1. In the Influencers section of Suite, click on Advanced Search in the search bar.

  2. Search by your unique criteria, including number of followers range, interests, country, and language range. Click search.

  3. Sort your results by: Follower Count, Influencer Score, or Interactions per 1K Followers. Results offer a top-level look at different profiles, with information such as Profile Picture, Influencer Score, countries/languages, Instagram bio, Interactions Per 1K Followers, Followers, and Number of Posts.

  4. Dig deeper into a potential match by clicking on their “Details.” Learn more about them by checking out their performance overview, other social profiles, content highlights, and most used hashtags. 

  5. Measure, benchmark, and predict the performance of an influencer across their platforms by adding their social profiles to Analytics in Suite.