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YouTube Publishing

This page contains high-level specifications for scheduling and publishing YouTube posts through Publisher.

If your post does not meet the requirements to publish, Publisher informs you so you can correct the post.


  • Maximum file size: 100 GB

  • Resolution: up to 4K

  • Thumbnail:

    • Allowed extensions: jpeg, png

    • Maximum file size: 2 MB

If a video meets the following conditions, YouTube automatically uploads the video to the channel as a short:

  • The video uses a vertical aspect ratio of 9:16 (0.5625).

  • The video is under 1 minute

To maximize the performance of the video, include #short in both the title and description.

Additional publishing options

  • Label

  • Scheduling

  • Uploading cloud-shared assets directly from cloud storage applications

  • Custom Thumbnails

  • The video can be added to multiple playlists

  • Visibility 

  • Age restriction

  • Tags

  • Language

  • Recording date

  • License

  • Category

To learn more, see Content Options in Publisher.

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