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Privacy and Compatibility


Your privacy is very important to us. Emplifi is committed to respecting the privacy of all users of the Emplifi system and visitors to websites where the Emplifi system is employed. Please refer to your Emplifi agreement for details.

The cornerstone document explaining our privacy practices is our, which also has a Privacy Notice for California Residents to explain how we comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Emplifi customers that are subject to data privacy regulations—such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or CCPA—have a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) as part of their contract with Emplifi. The DPA details responsibilities of data handling. See

As a Emplifi customer, how do I access personal information in the Emplifi system?


  1. Query the TurnTo User UGC API endpoint to determine whether Emplifi has any content created by an individual user.
    (info) This endpoint can locate user data based on an email address or external ID.

  2. Extract that user generated content.

As a Emplifi customer, how do I delete personal information from the Emplifi system?

If a user or shopper (data subject) has requested to have all their personal information deleted, you can direct Emplifi to delete user data it has stored in one of two ways:

  • (Recommended) To submit a deletion request using the Emplifi API, send a POST request to the forget user endpoint. For details, see Forget User in the TurnTo API documentation.

  • If you expect few deletion requests, you can email with authorization to make the deletion. Your request should include:

    • The data subject's name

    • The data subject's email address, or an external user ID for them

User roles and personal information

We provide user roles that cannot see shopper email addresses in moderation or content reporting.

  • Third-Party Moderator - cannot see shopper email addresses in any moderation views, including moderation search.

  • Third-Party Report Viewer - cannot see shopper email addresses in any content reporting screens or exported report files.

Site Managers can add new users to these roles in the Roles tab in site management.

If a user has both roles, the more restrictive role takes precedence, so the user will not see the shopper email addresses.


Content Security Policy

Modern browsers allow sites to restrict the domains from which content can be loaded through the use of a Content Security Policy (CSP).

Emplifi will load scripts, styles, and images with the following domains in their URLs:, (for Emplifi's EU customers), and

Emplifi Compatibility Support

Emplifi prioritizes system support for the most current stable version of most major browsers.

Note that the Emplifi platform requires both Cookies and JavaScript to be enabled in the user's browser. Any programs or extensions that block JavaScript will interfere with browser functions required to interact with the Emplifi system.

Widget Library

Emplifi's Widget Library includes shopper-facing Community Q&A, Ratings & Reviews, Visual Reviews™, and Checkout Comments™ widgets.

Supported browsers for desktop devices
Supported browsers for mobile and tablet devices

Reporting and Moderation Portal

For an optimal user experience with Emplifi's Moderation and Reporting pages please use a current version of one of the following desktop browsers:

Supported browsers (desktop devices only)
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