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Migrating from Pixlee to Emplifi UGC

Are you a Pixlee user who is in the process of migrating your account to Emplifi UGC? This article explains the differences between the Pixlee platform and Emplifi UGC.

Pixlee is now known as Emplifi UGC.

Why Should I Migrate?

In late 2022, Emplifi acquired Pixlee TurnTo. Because both companies have products with features that complement each other, we decided to integrate the Pixlee platform into Emplifi to create a single environment capable of meeting all your social commerce and marketing needs.

It is important to us to make this transition period as smooth as possible for the existing Pixlee customer base. While we have done our best to ensure that existing users of Pixlee are not affected by this change, there are many features that you can take advantage of only through Emplifi UGC. And over time, new features will be exclusive to Emplifi UGC.

While the transition from Pixlee to Emplifi UGC means that there are new workflows for accomplishing tasks such as user management and scheduling, the core features of Pixlee that you know and love remain within Emplifi.

Bookmark and use only to access the UGC module after you accept your invitation to an Emplifi account. Your new account will have the most up-to-date content, settings, and information.

If you can’t find your invitation, search your email inbox or spam folder for “Welcome to your Emplifi account”. Once you find and open the email, click Accept invite to access your account.

Platform Differences

While has access to all the features of, how certain features are accessed has been changed. In addition, new features are also available.

User management

The following differences exist between Pixlee and Emplifi UGC for managing users:

  • Within, all user settings and platform permissions are managed on a user level within the Team settings.

  • Within, all permissions except for Regions and Albums have been moved to Account roles in the Roles & Permissions section of the Emplifi platform Settings. To learn more, see Create and Assign Account Roles for Emplifi UGC. Granting access to specific albums or regions is still managed within the Team settings.

Scheduling (Publishing)

A major benefit of migrating to is being able to take advantage of the Emplifi full-featured Publisher (social scheduling) tool. Instead of utilizing Pixlee's native social scheduling application, you can now push content through Emplifi Publisher.

Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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