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Listening - Instagram Hashtag Search

When setting up the data sources for your queries, you could enrich your data set with the Instagram hashtag search. Instagram hashtag search is a way of getting access to Instagram’s public content tagged with a given hashtag. You can combine this search with other data sources or use it exclusively (see Listening - Data Sources Available & Coverage).

The hashtags you want to monitor have to be added in the Sources section of the query setup in Listening settings. Since then, all posts having the hashtag in the text of the post published on Instagram will be matched against the keyword definition of the query.


What Hashtags Can Be Added to Hashtag Search

There are very few limitations when adding hashtags to the hashtag search. 

If you’re adding a hashtag for an upcoming campaign that hasn’t been applied on any Instagram post before, first publish some content using the hashtag. Once it’s done, it’ll be possible to add the hashtag to the search.

Some hashtags could be rejected by Instagram. This can happen when Instagram bans a hashtag from the use because of an excessive amount of inappropriate content (such as provocative or racist images).

Hashtag search has no historical backfill.

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