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Integrating with SMS Providers

If you’re looking to collect more content using SMS messaging, this document is for you. If you're a Emplifi customer who works with an SMS provider (such as Twilio), you can use our existing feature set to build in review collection.

  1. Craft an SMS message like a review solicitation email

    You can use Emplifi’s “magic link” capability to drive shoppers to your site to collect content—and embed that magic link in a text message. When you create the text message, you’ll also need to generate the magic link. The magic link describes 1 SKU in your catalog and represents 1 shopper and 1 order. No login or order information is required from the shopper, as it is all embedded within the link. For this reason, 1 magic link must be generated for each SMS you intend to send to each shopper. To learn more, see Send Review Emails Yourself.

  2. Generate the Emplifi magic link

    To generate the magic link, you’ll need to know some information about your shopper:

    • Site key - you can access this code on your Emplifi configuration page.

    • SKU - the SKU of the product you want to collect a review for. This will drive the shopper to the appropriate PDP on your ecommerce site, and open the Review collection widget.

    • Order token - this is a secure string that represents the order that the shopper placed on your site. This is also known as a “JSON web token” or JWT. It is required that this be hashed for security. Emplifi will verify that the order data has not been tampered with before continuing to collect the Review. For steps to create the JSON web token, see the turntoOrdJWT parameter.

    The final magic link will look something like this:

  3. Shorten the URL

    You will likely want to use a URL shortening service to make the URL string more text-friendly.

    When the shopper taps on the link in their mobile device, the link to Emplifi will resolve to your own PDP, where the shopper will be prompted to write a review.

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