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Integrating with Reputation Studio

Reputation Studio is an application available in the SalesForce AppExchange. It provides reputation management by collecting ratings and review content across many platforms and presenting the collected content in a dashboard for clients to manage. With this integration, you can see and respond to reviews collected through Emplifi in your Reputation Studio dashboard. The integration creates a real-time, bi-directional connection to Salesforce Service Cloud that turns Emplifi product reviews and shopper questions directly into SFSC tickets and then pushes responses and answers back to Emplifi for publication.

To integrate Emplifi and Reputation studio, work with Emplifi Support to configure a webhook subscription.

For more on webhooks, see Emplifi Ratings & Reviews Webhooks.

Here's how the integration works:

  • A shopper submits a review.

  • The Emplifi webhook delivers the review data to Reputation Studio.

  • You can see and respond to review content in your Reputation Studio dashboard.

  • Reputation Studio uses the TurnTo API Review Responses endpoint to create, update, or delete review responses.

To set up the Reputation Studio integration, you need the following information:

  • The webhook URL where Emplifi should deliver the webhook payload

  • A bearer token

    To retrieve or create a bearer token, a site manager or a Emplifi administrator uses the API page in a site's settings in the Emplifi portal.
    (warning) You should not provide your primary token to other platforms or companies.

For more on tokens, see Managing API Access Tokens.

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